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The Investigation of Safety Management Systems and Safety Culture new

Discussion Paper, 9 January 2017

  • Simon French
    Rail Accident Investigation Branch, UK
  • Tabitha Steel
    Rail Accident Investigation Branch, UK
All Transport, Aviation, Maritime, Rail, Road, Safety, Security, Health

All Transport Policy Insights

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Adapting Transport to Climate Change and Extreme Weather new

Research Report, 15 December 2016

  • Act now to preserve the value of transport infrastructure and maintain network performance.
  • Protect transport infrastructure against climate impacts through good maintenance.
  • Prepare for more frequent and unexpected failure of transport infrastructure.
  • Account for temporary unavailability of transport assets in in service continuity plans.
  • Assess vulnerability of transport assets and networks from climate change and extreme weather.
  • Focus on transport system resilience, not just on designing robust infrastructure.
  • Re-evaluate thinking on redundant transport infrastructure.
  • Do not rely solely on cost-benefit analysis for appraising the value of transport infrastructure.
  • Develop new decision-support tools that incorporate deep uncertainty into asset appraisal.

All Transport, Infrastructure, Investment, Pricing, Taxation, Sustainability, Environment