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Toll Road Specialist Abertis Joins Corporate Partnership Board

15 February 2017

Founded in Spain in 2003, the Abertis group manages over 8 600 kilometres of high-capacity roads in...

Long-life Surfacings for Roads

27 January 2017

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Cruise Shipping and Urban Development: The Case of Dublin

3 February 2017

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Quantifying the Socio-economic Benefits of Transport

26 January 2017

This report sets out several of the recent advances to the quantification and valuation of economic...

The Impact of Mega-Ships: The Case of Gothenburg

11 January 2017

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Cruise Shipping and Urban Development: The Case of Venice

4 January 2017

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Challenges in Better Co-ordinating Tokyo’s Urban Rail Services

3 January 2017

This paper describes Tokyo’s urban rail market, which has traditionally been privately funded and...