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Cruise Shipping and Urban Development: The Case of Dublin

3 February 2017

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The Impact of Mega-Ships: The Case of Gothenburg

11 January 2017

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Industry Leaders Strategy Summit

10 January 2017

Ports and shipping expert Olaf Merk is a speaker.

Safety Management Systems Roundtable

12 January 2017

This Roundtable aims to share experiences of applying risk assessment to system safety management...

Why SMS? An Introduction and Overview of Safety Management Systems (SMS)

12 January 2017

This paper presents an introduction to safety management systems (SMS) as they apply to...

Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing SMS

23 January 2017

This paper discusses obstacles faced in implementing SMS and uses concrete examples to show how to...

Jousting with Dragons: A Resilience Engineering Approach to Managing Safety Management Systems (SMS) in the Transport Sector

12 January 2017

System resilience is the ability for complex, dynamic-adaptive socio-technical systems to absorb...