Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Discussion Paper

Regulating Ridesharing Services in São Paulo

31 July 2020

This paper explores to what extent a road-use charge levied from transport network companies for...

Changing Demand for Maritime Trade

22 July 2020

This paper analyses the main drivers for maritime trade growth over the last decades and suggests...

Parking Prices and Availability, Mode Choice and Urban Form

29 May 2020

This paper provides evidence how parking reforms can help reduce car dependency and achieve a more...

The Belt and Road Initiative: Impacts on Global Maritime Trade Flows

16 June 2020

This paper analyses the potential impacts on global trade initiated by the Belt and Road Initiative...

Collaborative Infrastructure Procurement in Sweden and the Netherlands

30 March 2020

This paper examines how different types of procurement strategies enhance collaboration among the...

Worthwhile Use of Travel Time and Applications in the United Kingdom

23 March 2020

This paper outlines the rationale, methodologies, key findings and policy implications of the...

The Gender Dimension of the Transport Workforce

23 July 2020

Women remain underrepresented in most transport-related industries, with only 17% female employees...

Mobility Practices, Value of Time and Transport Appraisal

31 January 2020

This paper discusses whether changes in mobility practices affect value of travel time savings. It...

Competition for Infrastructure Projects

24 January 2020

This paper investigates the level of competition for large road and rail infrastructure...

Dealing with the Obsolescence of Transport Infrastructure in Public-Private Partnerships

10 January 2020

This report examines how a public client can end a public-private partnership contract for...