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Statistics Brief

Evolution of transport infrastructure investments since before the financial crisis

27 August 2019

China has the highest inland transport infrastructure investment share of GDP among ITF countries...

Key Transport Statistics 2019 (2018 Data)

4 June 2019

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Country Notes Related to ITF Key Transport Statistics, 2018 Data

29 May 2019

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Inland transport infrastructure investment in OECD remains stable at 0.7% of GDP

29 August 2018

Spending on inland transport infrastructure showed minimal change in 2016, staying at 0.7% of GDP....

Key Transport Statistics 2018 (2017 Data)

29 May 2019

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Country Notes Related to ITF Key Transport Statistics, 2017 Data

29 May 2019

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Air Freight Volumes Increase Since the Second Quarter of 2016

26 October 2017

The latest update of global freight data collected by the International Transport Forum at the OECD...

Inland Transport Infrastructure Investment on the Rise

31 July 2017

After nearly five years of a downward trend in inland transport infrastructure spending, 2015...