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Decarbonising Maritime Transport workshop

The first-ever CO2 emissions targets for international shipping were adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in April 2018. As part of the ITF's Decarbonising Transport initiative, we are running a workshop to explore which measures will make the strategy work. Around 50 experts from around the globe are convening for the Decarbonising Maritime Transport workshop in Paris on 26-27 November.

Full decarbonisation of shipping is possible but cannot be reached without a transition towards alternative fuels, as indicated by the 2018 ITF publication: “Decarbonising Maritime Transport: pathways for zero-carbon shipping by 2035”. IMO Member countries and the shipping community will in the coming period need to focus efforts to select the appropriate candidate measures. This workshop aims to increase the knowledge base on alternative fuels in maritime transport, and as such facilitate discussions and possible decision-making process on the adoption of alternative fuels and low-carbon fuel standards as a possible way to reach this.

This workshop gathers policy makers, IGOs, such as the IMO, ship owners, shippers, port authorities, NGOs, researchers, and other key stakeholders to interact, share knowledge on best practice and identify next steps. The outputs will contribute to the global discussion on feasible short-term measures for the mitigation of GHG emissions from ships. For that reason, the workshop is specifically focused on alternative fuels in maritime transport, widely considered to be important, but still fairly unexplored in terms of relevant policies and measures.

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