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ITF Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport

ITF Gender Toolkit

Gender equality is a crucial driver of development. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) highlight the persistent social, economic and political inequalities hindering the full potential of women (Goal 5). Gender analysis is the first step towards achieving gender equality.

Gender analysis is a systematic analytical process used to identify, understand, and describe gender differences and the relevance of gender within a specific context. It includes measuring how the same policies can have different impacts on women and men. For this, we need to collect gender-disaggregated or gender-sensitive data.

Differences in how women and men access assets, resources, opportunities, and services can be better understood using gender analysis. The influence of gender roles and norms on the division of time between paid and unpaid work, leadership roles and decision-making, and constraints, opportunities, and entry points for narrowing gender gaps can be revealed using gender analysis.

This project developed a toolkit to help countries conduct gender analysis for transport policies and support gender policy dialogue.

ITF’s approach to gender analysis aims to answer three questions:

  • How are travel behaviours and patterns of women and men affected by their social roles and the level of accessibility of transport services?
  • How will transport policies, programmes and projects affect women and men differently?
  • How will greater gender equality in the transport workforce enhance transport infrastructure, systems and modes to benefit women and other users?

The Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport Policies helps ITF member countries and beyond to carry out gender analyses of their own. It helps countries to:

  • Identify the gender-specific data necessary for the analysis.
  • Create essential indicators to determine the level of gender equality.
  • Design the data collection processes, including surveys.

ITF's Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport Policy provides guiding principles.

Use ITF's Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport

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