Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

ITF Transport Outlook 2021

The ITF Transport Outlook 2021 provides scenarios for the development of transport demand up to 2050. It also models transport decarbonisation scenarios and their impacts on climate change. Based on this, the ITF Transport Outlook 2021 identifies decisions that policy makers will need to take to ensure a transition to sustainable mobility that is effective as well as equitable. This edition includes a special focus on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on transport systems, and models potential long-term changes with challenges and opportunities for decarbonisation.

中文版 : ITF交通运输展望2021

En français : Perspectives des transports FIT 2021

日本語で : ITF 交通アウトルック 2021 

Download the Executive Summary (PDF) in:

Download a slide presentation of main Transport Outlook 2021 findings (PDF)

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Policy Insights

  • Align Covid-19 recovery packages to revive the economy, combat climate change and strengthen equity.
  • Implement much more ambitious policies that will reverse the growth of transport CO2 emissions.
  • Target different transport sectors with strategies that reflect their specific decarbonisation potential and challenges.
  • Support innovation to accelerate the technological breakthroughs needed to decarbonise transport.
  • Shift the priority to improving accessibility.
  • Intensify collaboration with non-transport sectors and between public and private actors. 

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