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Lessons from RATP’s Experience in Peripheral Areas (Webinar)

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting

RATP is the state-owned transport operator for Paris and the surrounding region. Its operations have now extended to include businesses in 12 countries where the Group provides solutions adapted to different contexts, including sparsely populated areas. This includes demand-responsive microtransit services operated by RATP Dev. The group also carries out and supports research programmes to develop new solutions combining digital services, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

The Shift Project, a French think tank focused on carbon transition, has published a study on strategies to reduce carbon emissions linked to daily mobility in suburban areas and, more recently, published a guidebook on low carbon daily mobility in medium density areas.

Presenters will highlight the lessons learnt from operating different mobility systems and insights from studies led or supported by RATP and The Shift Project. The government perspective will include implications for policy, namely innovation, experimentation, organisation and governance.

12:30 (Paris) | 19:30 (Tokyo)



  • Côme Berbain, Innovation Director, RATP Group
  • Jean-Baptiste Boneu, Head of BtoB Marketing & New Mobility Activities, RATP Dev
  • Francisco Luciano, Director Citec Paris, headed the Mobility Working Group launched by The Shift Project in 2016


  • David Caubel, French Mobility, Innovation & Territories, Directorate General of Infrastructure, Transport and the Sea (DGITM)


  • Lucie Kirstein, International Transport Forum at the OECD

This is the third webinar on mobility innovations for members of the Innovative Mobility for the Periphery Working Group. Contact the Group for information on attending.