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Official Pre-Event of the 3rd Ministerial Conference on Road Safety: ITF Corporate Partnership Board

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting

The event,organised by International Transport Forum, the Volvo Car Group, and Volvo Group and the members of the ITF’s Corporate Partnership Board will bring together top road safety experts, policymakers and other stakeholders to discuss the ongoing work of the ITF’s Corporate Partnership Board notably on the role of the private sector in improving road safety. A press conference on the outputs of the Corporate Partnership Board project on ‘Improving the Safety of Micromobility’, with ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim in attendance, will be held.

Venue: Volvo Studio Stockholm, Jussi Björlings allé 5, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden


09:15-09:45     Registration and welcome coffee

09:45-10:00     Tour of Volvo Studio

10:00-10:45     Press conference with Young Tae Kim, Secretary-General of the International Transport Forum. 

New forms of micromobility services, such as electric scooters and bicycles, are being deployed in cities across the world. How safe or unsafe these new types of vehicles are is still unclear. This is an important issue, however, given the scale at which they are being deployed in many cities. Questions centre on speed, handling characteristics, their use in pedestrian space, and the experience of those using these devices. More fundamentally, the safety of these vehicles depend also on how well infrastructure is designed and allocated for their use. 

10:45-12:00     Presentation of the ITF Corporate Partnership Board work on: 

      • New Directions for Data-Driven Transport Safety
        We will explore how seamless data collection, analysis and sharing can unlock innovations in transport safety. Most interventions to improve transport safety are reactions to incidents. Connected vehicles, smartphone apps, ubiquitous sensors, data sharing and machine learning make proactive transport safety interventions possible and prevent crashes before they happen. Drawing on the Safe System approach, this session examines how transport stakeholders can make better decisions by using more relevant and timely data.
      • Automated Vehicles
        Autonomous driving promises many benefits: improved safety, reduced congestion and lower stress for car occupants, among others. But authorities will have to adapt existing rules and create new ones in order to ensure the full compatibility of these vehicles with the public’s expectations regarding safety, legal responsibility and privacy. 
        This work has applied the principles of the Safe System approach and relevance of Vision Zero for road safety to the wider discussion on vehicle automation. It also takes into consideration the security of the cyber-physical system associated with automated driving, including a definition of relevant system boundaries and future-proof minimum requirements for safety and security.

The Corporate Partnership Board (CPB) of the International Transport Forum is a global network of companies from across all transport modes and closely related areas like energy, finance, IT, who understand the challenges to transport and want to work with policy makers to find solutions. Twitter: #ITF_Corporate