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Road Policy Insights

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Good to Go? Assessing the Environmental Performance of New Mobility

Corporate Partnership Board Report, 17 September 2020

  • Leverage existing reporting obligations and introduce new requirements for micromobility providers to make evidence-based policy decisions.
  • Focus interventions aiming at clean mobility on ridesourcing vehicles with high lifetime travel.
  • Set incentives to increase occupancy of ridesourcing vehicles.
  • Standardise methodologies for the evaluation of shared micromobility’s life-cycle emissions and introduce minimum performance requirements via market entry rule and/or operating licenses.
  • Strengthen synergies between public transport and shared micromobility.

Road, Urban, Technology, Innovation, Sustainability, Environment

Road Transport Group

Manages the Multilateral Quota System and deals with the regional aspects of road transport.

International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD)

International co-operation on road accident data and its analysis.