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Road Policy Insights

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Road Safety in European Cities new

Case-Specific Policy Analysis, 11 April 2019

  • Develop mobility plans and observatories in cities.
  • Use appropriate indicators to measure the safety of vulnerable road users.
  • Collect traffic casualty data from hospitals and from the population, not only from police records.
  • Improve the comparability of road safety statistics. Adopt ambitious targets for casualty number reduction.
  • Focus on protecting vulnerable road users.
  • Conduct further research on crash risks.
  • Local government should demonstrate leadership.
  • Gather evidence that can serve as fundament of road safety policy.
  • Create strong Metropolitan Transport Authorities.
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Road Transport Group

Manages the Multilateral Quota System and deals with the regional aspects of road transport.

International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD)

International co-operation on road accident data and its analysis.