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Road Safety Benchmarking and Regional Road Safety Observatories Workshop

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting

In many countries, there is a wide gap between official road safety statistics and estimates of WHO published in the Global Status Report. Improvements in crash data collection and analysis systems are needed not only to more precisely know the total number of road deaths but also on the number of serious injuries. Tangible progress in road safety in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 will also require monitoring closely key road safety performance indicators.

In this context, regional road safety observatories present an opportunity for joint regional efforts in improving road safety data collection. Important economies of scale can also be achieved by adopting a regional approach.

This workshop will highlight the importance of reliable road safety data to develop sound road safety policies and the opportunities of road safety benchmarking to raise road safety on the political agenda. It will discuss how road safety data can be used for improved road safety policy and the critical role of observatories, and lessons learned from this process. It will present progress already achieved in Latin America and Africa, and the initiatives in place to develop an Asia Pacific Observatory.