Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Access, Inclusion

ITF connectivity work showcased at OSJD

27 August 2020

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim brought insights from ITF's work on connectivity to the...

Mov'eo Imagine Mobility Conference

27 August 2020

Katja Schechtner, Advisor - Innovation and Technology at ITF speaks on two panels on future...

Benchmarking Accessibility in Cities

27 August 2020

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Oxford University researcher honoured for study of Rio de Janeiro bus project

27 August 2020

The International Transport Forum’s 2019 Young Researcher of the Year Award will go to Dr. Rafael H...

Повышение торгово-транспортной связности и развитие грузоперевозок в Центральной Азии

27 August 2020

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Connectivity through liberalisation

27 August 2020

Air transport provides connectivity to regional and global markets. It facilitates travel, tourism...

Expanding Innovation Horizons: Learning from Transport Solutions in the Global South

27 August 2020

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Universal Access

27 August 2020