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Access, Inclusion

Smart Cities Week Conference

17 September 2018

Transport Planning With Accessibility Indices in the Netherlands

30 August 2018

This discussion paper overviews the different perspectives and approaches to measuring...

London's Accessibility Indicators: Strengths, Weaknesses, Challenges

30 August 2018

The paper provides an introduction to London’s context and the need for accessibility indicators....

How the Inaccessibility Index Can Improve Transport Planning and Investment

30 August 2018

Within the equity in transport framework, this paper will provide an overview on the rationale of...

Challenges for Accessibility Planning and Research in the Context of Sustainable Mobility

30 August 2018

Accessibility has become a fashionable concept both in the research and policy arena. There has...

Blockchain and Beyond: Encoding 21st Century Transport

4 September 2019

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Cooperative Mobility Systems and Automated Driving

30 November 2018

[caption align="right"][[{"type":"media","fid":"18905","view_mode":"default","fields":{},"...

Zero Value of Time: Roundtable Meeting

24 September 2018

In current transport appraisal practices, travel time is considered as wasted time, representing a...