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Improving Reliability on Surface Transport Networks

29 January 2018

Passengers and freight shippers alike want reliable transport services. Surprisingly, little...

Transport Links Between Europe & Asia

10 May 2017

Land links between Europe and Asia can offer a viable alternative to sea transport. They...

Competitive Interaction between Airports, Airlines and High-Speed Rail

29 January 2018

How should airports be regulated to contain market power? This report first examines whether they...

Les liaisons de transport entre l'europe et l'asie

10 May 2017

Les liaisons terrestres entre l’Europe et l’Asie peuvent constituer dans un certain nombre de cas...

The Future for Interurban Passenger Transport: Bringing Citizens Closer Together

29 January 2018

Economic growth, trade and the concentration of population in large cities will intensify demand...


10 May 2017

Сухопутные соединения между Европой и Азией могут составить жизнеспособную альтернативу морским...

Port Competition and Hinterland Connections

29 January 2018

This Roundtable discusses the policy and regulatory challenges posed by the rapidly changing port...

Transport Infrastructure Investment

10 May 2017

Surface transport plays a fundamental role in nearly all social and economic activity. Providing...