Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Investment, Pricing, Taxation

Good Practice Public Transport Concessions: the Cases of London and Melbourne

9 February 2021

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Perspectives des transports FIT 2019

27 August 2020

Les perspectives des transports FIT donnent un aperçu des tendances récentes et des perspectives à...

Descarbonizando el Sistema de Transportes en Argentina

16 September 2020

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Collaborative Infrastructure Procurement in Sweden and the Netherlands

27 August 2020

This paper examines how different types of procurement strategies enhance collaboration among the...

Reforming Public Transport Planning and Delivery

28 January 2021

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Strategic Infrastructure Planning: 4th Working Group Meeting (ONLINE MEETING)

27 August 2020

This event has been rescheduled from 20-21 April 2020 due to travel precaution measures in place...

Competition for Infrastructure Projects

27 August 2020

This paper investigates the level of competition for large road and rail infrastructure...

Dealing with the Obsolescence of Transport Infrastructure in Public-Private Partnerships

27 August 2020

This report examines how a public client can end a public-private partnership contract for...

Risk Allocation in Public-Private Partnerships and the Regulatory Asset Base Model

27 August 2020

The two existing models for delivering and managing privately financed infrastructure are the...