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Investment, Pricing, Taxation

Uncertainty in Long-term Service Contracts

13 August 2019

This paper examines the effects of risk and uncertainty in public transport contracts for rail...

CAPEX Bias and Adverse Incentives in Incentive Regulation

6 August 2019

Most privately financed transport infrastructure is delivered through Public-Private Partnerships....

Infrastructure Funding: Does it Matter Where the Money Comes From?

30 July 2019

This paper compares the Public Private Partnership model for funding of infrastructure projects...

Tax Revenue Implications of Decarbonising Road Transport: Scenarios for Slovenia

21 May 2019

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Quantifying Private and Foreign Investment in Transport Infrastructure

19 March 2019

This report quantifies private and foreign investment in transport infrastructure by sub-sectors in...

What is Private Investment in Transport Infrastructure and Why is it Difficult?

4 June 2019

This paper provides a primer for all interested in better understanding the issues around private...

Mobilising Private Investment in Infrastructure: Investment De-Risking and Uncertainty

15 March 2019

Public investment in infrastructure was the first to be cut by fiscally constrained governments...

The Impact of Alliances in Container Shipping

20 March 2019

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Regulatory Capacity Building

3 December 2018

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