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Sustainability, Environment

2008 Forum Highlights

10 May 2017

Strategic Environmental Assessment

10 May 2017

Integrated decision-making requires that environmental impacts be considered not only at...

Biofuels: Linking Support To Performance

10 May 2017

Biofuels received USD 15 billion in subsidies in OECD Member countries in 2007, but did they...

Biocarburants : lier les politiques de soutien aux bilans énergétiques et environnementaux

10 May 2017

Les biocarburants ont reçu 15 milliards de dollars de subventions en 2007 au sein des pays membres...

Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Road Transport: Analytical Methods

10 May 2017

The Mission of the OECD Programme of Research on Road Transport and Intermodal Linkages (RTR)...