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Technology, Innovation

COP25. Spotlight on the ITF Summit 2020 “Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development”

2 December 2019

16:00-16:30. ITF Exhibit Stand, Booth 9. Mary Crass (ITF Head of Institutional Relations and Summit...

Time Use and Values of Time and Reliability in the Netherlands

28 November 2019

This paper compares the survey results of three value of travel time (VTT) surveys conducted in the...

Modelling the Future of Urban Mobility

15 November 2019

Car-dominated urban mobility systems face an uncertain future. New technologies, mobility services...

Safe Micromobility: Joint ITF Corporate Partnership Board and SaferCity Streets Network Workshop

15 November 2019

New forms of micromobility services are being deployed across the world using sometimes novel forms...

Web Summit 2019

7 November 2019

Transport Innovations from the Global South

6 November 2019

Poorer countries’ need to organise mobility with limited means has spawned many creative solutions...

Innovation focus of Ireland's ITF Presidency

28 November 2019

Ireland's Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar and Minister for Transport, Tourism and...

Understanding Consumer Vehicle Choice

26 November 2019

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