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Traffic Volume, Usage, Demand

2nd ITF Task Force on Transport Satellite Accounts

15 November 2019

The aim of this Task Force is to provide recommendations on how to construct and develop...

7th ITF Transport Statistics Meeting

15 November 2019

The meeting will cover a series of issues relevant to transport statistics and will be centered...

Assessing Regulatory Changes in the Transport Sector

25 November 2019

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Understanding Consumer Vehicle Choice

26 November 2019

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What is the Value of Saving Travel Time?

7 October 2019

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Zero Car Growth? Managing Urban Traffic Roundtable

29 July 2019

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Evolution of transport infrastructure investments since before the financial crisis

27 August 2019

China has the highest inland transport infrastructure investment share of GDP among ITF countries...

Benchmarking Accessibility in Cities

5 June 2019

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