Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Traffic Volume, Usage, Demand

Ready for Take-off? Integrating Drones into the Transport System

14 January 2021

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Pre-Covid-19 sea and road freight volumes show continued growth

7 January 2021

- While most regions saw minimal change in rail freight flows since 2010, rail tonne-...

Use of Big Data in Transport Models Roundtable

20 January 2021

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Accessibility and Transport Appraisal

2 December 2020

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Trends in Car Use, Travel Demand and Policy Thinking

5 November 2020

This paper discusses the main trends of car use and travel demand, as well as changes in policy...

Reallocation of Road and Street Space in Oslo

26 October 2020

This paper discusses Norway’s zero-growth objective for passenger car traffic. It focuses on...

Cars and Space Consumption

26 October 2020

This paper discusses the importance of reducing the space consumption of car traffic as...

Zero Car Growth: A Challenge for Transport Justice

26 October 2020

This paper discusses the challenges to transport justice in the context of zero-car-growth policies...