Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Traffic Volume, Usage, Demand

Key Transport Statistics 2020 (2019 Data)

26 June 2020

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Congestion Control Experience and Recommendations Roundtable

12 June 2020

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Congestion Control Experience and Recommendations

11 June 2020

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Transport data and the Covid-19 crisis (ONLINE MEETING)

25 June 2020

The lockdown of countries generated an unprecedented decline in transport activities and...

Parking Prices and Availability, Mode Choice and Urban Form

29 May 2020

This paper provides evidence how parking reforms can help reduce car dependency and achieve a more...

Perspectives des transports FIT 2019

14 May 2020

Les perspectives des transports FIT donnent un aperçu des tendances récentes et des perspectives à...

ITF Transport Statistics Brochure

12 May 2020

Gathering transport data and providing statistics is a core mission of the International...

Descarbonizando el Sistema de Transportes en Argentina

4 June 2020

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The Gender Dimension of the Transport Workforce

1 July 2020

Women remain underrepresented in most transport-related industries, with only 17% female employees...