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Lifecycle Assessment of Emerging Urban Transport Business Models

5 September 2019

The transport and mobility ecosystem is rapidly changing but much remains unknown about what these...

Modelling the Future of Urban Mobility: Corporate Partnership Board Workshop

3 September 2019

The urban mobility landscape is evolving much more rapidly than it has in the recent past in many...

ITS European Congress 2020

20 January 2020

C40 World Mayors Summit

14 August 2019

"The Future We Want":The C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen will build a global coalition of...

Live Electric - Designing a Low Carbon Future

22 July 2019

Jari Kauppila, ITF Head of Quantitative Policy Analysis and Foresight, participates in this...

Polis Annual Conference 2019

27 November 2019

Alexandre Santacreu (Road Safety Policy Analyst at ITF) is a speaker in the road safety session...

NECTAR Conference 2019: Towards Human Scale Cities – Open and Happy

5 June 2019

Dimitrios Papaioannou, Modeller/Analyst at ITF presents the results of ITF work on Accessibility in...

Mov'eo Imagine Mobility Conference

4 June 2019

Katja Schechtner, Advisor - Innovation and Technology at ITF speaks on two panels on future...

Fluidtime Symposium 2019

15 May 2019

Philippe Crist, Advisor for Innovation and Foresight at ITF, is a speaker in the session How cities...