Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Polis Working Group on Governance and Integration: Regulating New and Shared Mobility Services

27 August 2020

Philippe Crist, ITF Advisor - Innovation and Foresight, will be sharing insights from ITF work on...

Influence of ICT on Public Transport Use and Behaviour in Seoul

27 August 2020

This paper explores the impact that advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have...

Movin'On: World Summit on Sustainable Mobility: Solutions for Multimodal Ecosystems

27 August 2020

Mary Crass, Head of Institutional Relations and Summit at ITF, participates in the plenary session...

App-Based Collective Transport Service in Mexico City

27 August 2020

This paper details the history of Jetty, an app-based collective transport platform operating in...

26th ITS World Congress 2019

27 August 2020

Young Tae Kim, ITF Secretary-General, will speak during the Congress at:The Asia-Pacific Regional...

How to Make Urban Mobility Clean and Green

27 August 2020

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