Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Road Transport

Stratégies de réduction des gaz à effet de serre émanant du transport routier : Méthodes d'analyse

28 August 2020

Le secteur des transports est à l’origine d’environ 27 % des émissions de dioxyde de carbone (CO2)...

Towards Zero

28 August 2020

Each year around 1.2 million people are killed and 50 million are injured on roads around the world...

Transport Logistics: Shared Solutions to Common Challenges

28 August 2020

The mission of the OECD Programme of Research on Road Transport and Intermodal Linkages(RTR) is to...

Logistique des transports

28 August 2020

La mission du Programme de recherche en matière de transports routiers et liaisons intermodales(RTR...

Safety on Roads. What's the Vision?

28 August 2020

Approximately 125 000 people die every year on the roads of OECD countries. A wide variety...

Fifty Years of Transport Policy 1953-2003

28 August 2020

This report, which reviews transport policy over the past 50 years, first draws attention to...