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Urban Areas

Road Safety Annual Report 2010

20 September 2017

This second Annual report of the IRTAD Group comprises:A synthesis of the main trends in the year...

IRTAD Annual Report 2009

1 September 2017

This first Annual report of the IRTAD Group comprises:  A presentation of the IRTAD Group...

Seamless Public Transport for All

29 September 2017

[caption align="right"][[{"fid":"17567","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","...

Road Safety Annual Report 2013 - Summary

10 May 2017

The IRTAD Annual Report 2013 provides an overview for road safety indicators for 2011 in 37...

The Competitiveness of Ports in Emerging Markets: The Case of Durban, South Africa

10 May 2017

How competitive is the port of Durban? What are its main impacts, in terms of economy, environment...