Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Towards Zero

28 August 2020

Each year around 1.2 million people are killed and 50 million are injured on roads around the world...

Sécurité routière. Quelle vision pour demain ?

28 August 2020

Chaque année, environ 125 000 personnes meurent sur les routes des pays de l’OCDE. Unegrande...

Zéro tué sur la route

28 August 2020

Chaque année, environ 1.2 million de personnes dans le monde sont tuées sur les routes et 50...

Safety on Roads. What's the Vision?

28 August 2020

Approximately 125 000 people die every year on the roads of OECD countries. A wide variety...


28 August 2020

За последние десятилетия многим странам удалось значительно повысить уровень безопасности дорожного...

Road Safety: Impact of New Technologies

28 August 2020

This study was carried out by the OECD Working Group on Safety and Technology,and details the...