Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

ITF in the media

6 July 2021

Seaports must go green since 2030, Vietnam
28 June 2021

Gorąca ostatnia mila e-handlu

Rzeczpospolita, Poland
24 June 2021

Dobre prognozy dla rynku transportowego

Rzeczpospolita, Poland
21 June 2021

Not So Fast! Slower Is Often Better

18 June 2021

Tempo 30 ohne Nörgeln

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany
14 June 2021

„Es geht nicht um die Verteufelung eines Verkehrsmittels“

Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany
10 June 2021

Young Researcher Award für Daniel J. Reck

ETH Zurich website, Switzerland
7 June 2021

G7 deal at odds with shipping’s tonnage tax schemes, Singapore
7 June 2021

G7 deal at odds with shipping’s tonnage tax schemes, Singapore
5 June 2021

Zabraknie wzrostu albo tlenu

Obserwator Finansowy, Poland
2 June 2021

Transport ministers agree to leverage pandemic gains

Inside Logistics, Canada
31 May 2021

Le Maroc devient le premier pays africain à assumer la présidence du Forum international des transports

Agence Ecofin, Morocco
31 May 2021

Competitividad por la borda

Portafolio, Colombia
29 May 2021

Le Maroc préside le Forum international des transports

Le Journal du Cameroun, Cameroon
28 May 2021

OCDE: Progresión del transporte marítimo hacia 2050, y preocupación ambiental

TradeNews, Argentina
28 May 2021

Le Maroc préside le Forum international des transports

APANews - Agence de Presse Africaine, Senegal
28 May 2021

A Big Climate Problem With Few Easy Solutions: Planes

New York Times, United States
28 May 2021

Morocco First Arab and African Country To Chair International Transport Forum

MAP - Agence Marocaine de Presse, Morocco
28 May 2021

Il treno è sempre più verde

La Reppublica, Italy
28 May 2021

Flying and Climate: Airlines Under Pressure to Cut Emissions

News Chant, United States
26 May 2021

Weltverkehrsforum bleibt bis 2023 in Leipzig

Leipzig Info, Germany
24 May 2021

Studie International Transport Forum: Mehr Verkehr, weniger CO2?

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany
22 May 2021

Studie: E-Scooter sind so sicher wie Fahrräder

Forschung und Wissen, Germany
21 May 2021

Bundestag beschließt neue Klima-Ziele im Verkehrssektor

Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung, Germany
21 May 2021

Uruguay se integra a la Alianza para la Descarbonización del Transporte

Ministerio de Industria, Energía uMinería, Uruguay
20 May 2021

OECD and the Netherlands warn against LNG as a transitional fuel to reach climate goals

Shippingwatch, Denmark
19 May 2021

Kingdom paves way out of Covid slump for transport

The Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia
18 May 2021

ITF event to explore 5G and mobility

TransportXtra, United Kingdom
18 May 2021

Besteuerung von Schifffahrtsunternehmen auf dem Prüfstand

Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung, Germany
18 May 2021

Worldwide transport activity to double, emissions to rise further

Informed Infrastructure, United States
18 May 2021

ITF: Emissions set to rise as transport activity doubles

Offshore Energy, The Netherlands
17 May 2021

Weltweite Verkehrsemissionen nach Covid-19

Windkraft-Journal, Germany
17 May 2021

Utsläppen från transporter kan öka 16 procent – eller minska med 70 procent

Aktuell Hallbarhet, Sweden
17 May 2021

ITF mahnt: Im Verkehr jetzt umsteuern

Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung, Germany
17 May 2021

CO2-Ausstoß steigt ohne Zusatzmaßnahmen, Austria
17 May 2021

Der Zug ist im Inland günstiger als der Flug

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany
17 May 2021


中国新闻社-中国经贸通 , China
12 May 2021

Wo die Blockchain Fahrt aufnimmt

Der Standard, Austria
10 May 2021

OECD suggests water charges, end to free work parking

RTE - Radio Television Éire, Ireland
30 August 2020

Ma ville demain: Réinventer les transports en commun

France Info Radio, France
17 June 2020

EU given warning over state support for carriers

(subscription required)

Lloyd's List, United Kingdom
11 June 2020

ITF calls for regulatory constraints to maintain competition

Lloyd's List, United Kingdom
9 June 2020

Shipping lines face formidable foe in pandemic

Financial Times, United Kingdom
4 June 2020

The Traffic Trade-Off

Fewer cars on the road during the pandemic has meant cleaner air, but not necessarily fewer traffic deaths. Can we have both?

(subscription required)

New York Times, United States
2 June 2020

E-scooters & cycle tracks: new LCC report on micromobility

London Cycling Campaign, United Kingdom
29 May 2020

Who Will Own the Cars That Drive Themselves?

(subscription required)

New York Times, United States
13 May 2020

Wie Städte weltweit #MehrPlatzFürMenschen schaffen

ADFC Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club, Germany
22 April 2020

Our Planet Needs Cities To Prioritize People Over Cars

Forbes, United States
22 April 2020

The COVID-19 Mortality Risk vs. Death by Automobile

Oye! Times , Canada
20 April 2020

Covid-19 – where the world's road transport stands

Nz trucking , New Zealand
15 April 2020

Seguridad vial de cara al fin del Decenio de Acción 2011-2020

Transporte siglo XXI, Mexico
9 April 2020

Covid-19: 'Probably the largest street planning experiment, ever'

ITS International , United Kingdom
7 April 2020

El transporte frente a la pandemia

El Vigia, Mexico
7 April 2020

IRU calls for cooperation amid Covid-19

Global Trailer Magazine, United States
7 April 2020

Aguas de cambio

America Economia , Chile
5 April 2020

Using Platforms to Create Sustainable Mobility

M2 Magazine , New Zealand
4 April 2020

ITF/CEMT toont maatregelen per land

NIWO , The Netherlands
3 April 2020

MGSI: Izmene važenja CEMT sertifikata

Plutron Logistics , Serbia
3 April 2020

"La culpa la tiene la víctima"

Biciclub , Argentina
26 March 2020

Die Stadt der Zukunft ist flexibel

Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Germany
24 March 2020

How to move more people in fewer vehicles - today

World Economic Forum, Switzerland
24 March 2020

Consortia exemption extension confirmed by EU

LLoyd's List, United Kingdom
24 March 2020

How to move more people in fewer vehicles

World Economic Forum, Switzerland
16 March 2020

E-scooters to be allowed on roads in government trials

Financial Times, United Kingdom
16 March 2020

It's time to liberate Britain with an e-scooter revolution

The Telegraph, United Kingdom


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