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  • Number of the month

    Two road traffic fatalities per 100 000 inhabitants were registered in 2018 in Norway, the best-performing ITF country for road safety. The 2019 Road Safety Report outlines developments for 41 countries.

  • Consumer vehicle choice

    Understanding how consumers choose vehicles can shed light on the uptake of electric vehicles. We explore consumer choice in France, where the number of cars is set to increase by 18% to 2050.

  • Innovation focus at Irish meetings

    Ireland's Taoiseach welcomed ITF to Dublin during discussions for an ITF Presidency focused on "Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development".

  • Innovations born out of need

    Our latest report recommends a light regulatory approach to foster bottom-up innovation. Case Studies, insights, and recommendations from inspiring innovations in the Global South.

  • Addressing gender bias in transport

    The challenges of transport connectivity from a gender perspective is the focus of our latest compendium. It explores solutions to ensure inclusive transport for all.