Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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  • Our insights, your questions

    Following its success last year, Ask the Author 2021 is back next Tuesday! In 30 minutes sessions, ITF experts share our findings and answer your questions... 

  • Impact report!

    See how ITF has contributed to better solutions, opened debates, answered pressing questions in the quest for safer, more sustainable, inclusive transport solutions that improve the lives of citizens.

  • Number of the month

    Road freight increased since 2010 for all regions, with a compound annual growth rate of 2% in Australia and New Zealand as well as in Europe.

  • Connecting remote communities

    Our very first 2021 report is all about connectivity. We explore accessibility for remote communities and see how governments can ensure access and reduce social and economic isolation.

  • Boosting electric mobility

    Our latest report explores the electrification of urban delivery vehicles and shows where savings - both economic and environmental - can be made.