Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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  • Gender and transport workers

    Only 17% of transport employees are female. Attracting and retaining women remains a challenge. We explore the factors which determine whether women choose a transport career.

  • New mobility: good to go?

    New mobility services are sold as “green” solutions. But what's their real environmental impact? We analyse their life-cycle performance compared to cars and public transport in our latest study.

  • Towards carbon-free mobility

    Regulations and Standards for Clean Trucks and Buses: Our report offers valuable insights for the transition to carbon-free mobility and clean energy. 

  • Estonia's transport future

    ITF reviews strategic planning in Estonia’s transport sector to support the development of our member country's Transport and Mobility Master Plan 2021-30.

  • Best practice for urban road safety

    Our latest report presents seven case studies of cities that are implementing data-driven road safety policies: Barcelona, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Fortaleza, London, New York and Rotterdam.