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  • 9 road safety facts explained

    Following the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, this video explains nine road safety facts where good policies can make a difference.

  • Safe micromobility?

    The future of mobility or a new risk factor? ITF's latest report on e-scooters, e-bikes, hover boards... launches at the UN Global Road Safety Ministerial Conference on 18 February.

  • Are zero road deaths possible?

    This one-minute video explains a vision that "makes us think about what needs to actually happen so we get there", from Sweden's Minister Eneroth.

  • Call for research abstracts

    ITF's pre-Summit Research Day on 26 May will focus on innovations in micromobility, active mobility, connectivity and adoption low-carbon tech. 

  • Zero car growth?

    What does it mean? Is it possible? What are the policy options and their implications? The latest ITF Roundtable furthers our knowledge on how to manage urban traffic.