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Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
Treating the energy and mobility transitions as one

Ahead of COP28, Transport Policy Matters blog sets out the cross-sectoral transformation that will sustain future mobility

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Three days of debate, insights, exhibitions, presentations, networking and more, all in under four minutes!

2023 Summit Highlights in Pictures

1200 participants from over 80 countries and 63 government delegations ... Check out the 2023 Summit Highlights in Pictures: A beautiful snapshot of the planet's greatest transport policy event.

Brazil and Costa Rica join ITF

The Council of Ministers of Transport voted to admit both Latin American nations during 2023 Summit on 25 May 2023 

Sotiria Lagouvardou wins the Young Researcher of the Year Award

Greek researcher honoured for her unique research on potential carbon leakage for maritime sector in carbon emissions trading scheme

2023 Summit photos

The best shots from #ITF23 are online to search and share!

2023 Summit videos

Missed something at #ITF23? Watch interview highlights and full Session Recordings 

Transport Outlook launches at #ITF23

Will transport decarbonisation reach Paris Agreement goals? Find out the latest

Mobility Innovation Hub
Mobility Innovation Hub

ITF’s Mobility Innovation Hub helps governments to develop innovative policies for better transport in the face of uncertainty and rapid change. It scans for transport-relevant developments at the horizon of public authority foresight, assesses their potential impacts and highlights best practices for deploying effective policies.

ITF Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport

Gender analysis is the first step towards achieving gender equality. We're helping countries to develop their own toolkit to conduct gender analysis for transport policies and support gender policy dialogue.

ITF Transport Outlook 2021
ITF Transport Outlook Project

All about the future of transport! Transport demand will more than double over the next 30 years, but ambitious policies could cut transport CO2 by 70%, bringing the goals of the Paris agreement within reach.

16 December 2020

ITF work on Road Safety

Over 1.3 million people are killed on the world's roads every year, and tens of millions are seriously injured. ...

Decarbonising Transport initiative
Decarbonising Transport initiative

Transport is ready to decarbonise. See our knowledge base of effective measures to reduce carbon emissions and specific tools to help countries identify their priority areas, translating decarbonisation ambitions into climate action.

14 December 2020

Big Data Transport Models Roundtable image
Use of Big Data in Transport Models Roundtable

As the connected network of objects expands, data generation is growing exponentially. Opportunities exist for Big Data to contribute to a better understanding of transport demand in particular and transport systems in general. ...

Developing Innovative Mobility Solutions in the Brussels-Capital Region

Download a summary of our findings on establishing an efficient and resilient regulatory framework for MaaS. A video recording of the final project event is also online.

20 October 2020

Decarbonising Transport in Latin American Cities

The Decarbonising Transport in Latin American Cities (DTLA) project aims to help policy makers in three Latin American cities (Bogotá, Buenos Aires and Mexico City) to achieve their CO2 reduction ambitions for the transport sector. In collaboration with the Inter-American ...

23 April 2019

ITF work on gender
ITF work on Gender in Transport

Women are dramatically underrepresented in senior roles in the transport and logistics sectors making gender perspectives less likely in decision-making. See our work for change and get involved for better equality in transport.

1 March 2019