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Tracking the global flows of used cars: ITF launches database and online dashboard

Pariz/Leipzig: Friday, 24 May 2024

The International Transport Forum (ITF) presents its Used Vehicles Dashboard, which allows users to explore statistics on the international import and export of used passenger cars, during an open session at the ITF Summit in Leipzig, Germany.

Ministers from the 69 member countries of the ITF are gathering in Leipzig for their Annual Summit from 22-24 May. The theme of the three-day Summit is “Greening Transport: Keeping Focus in Times of Crisis”.

The global vehicle fleet must decarbonise to meet Paris Agreement goals

Adopting new electric vehicles (EVs) will help decarbonise vehicle fleets in developed economies. However, approximately one-quarter of the world’s population lives in countries where at least half of the cars are imported used cars.

Emerging economies import second-hand vehicles from developed economies because they are cheap and provide upgrades to vehicle fleets in importer markets. However, many imported vehicles are old, in poor condition and endanger human health.

Promoting the export of used EVs and avoiding dumping large numbers of poor-quality vehicles in emerging economies is necessary to meet climate goals for the global vehicle fleet and support achieving broader environmental goals.

A new dashboard and database to track flows

During the Summit session, the ITF demonstrated the dashboard and presented its recent Corporate Partnership Board report, “New but Used: The Electric Vehicle Transition and the Global Second-hand Car Trade”.

The Used Vehicle Dashboard and database, which are both publicly available, enable users to compare different data sources to help identify flaws and advance the current understanding of the used vehicle trade.

The data was collected from online government statistical sources and from personal correspondence with national statistical ministries.

Access the ITF Used Vehicles Dashboard:

Download the ITF Corporate Partnership Board report:
“New but Used: The Electric Vehicle Transition and the Global Second-hand Car Trade"


Image: Researcher Andreas Kopf presents the ITF’s Used Vehicles Dashboard during a session at the ITF Summit 2024.

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