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6th ITF Transport Statistics Meeting

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting

The meeting covered a series of issues relevant to transport statistics and centered around discussions on developing a more consistent and efficient international framework for transport statistics.

Chaired by Patricia HU, US Bureau of Transportation Statistics


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Meeting Presentations

Agenda Item 2.  Measuring Transport's Contribution to the Economy 

2.1 Summary of the Recommendations from the 2013 Understanding the Value of Transport Infrastructure Report. Presentation by Jari Kauppila, ITF
2.2 The Impact of Transportation and Communication Investments On Socio-Economic Life. Presentation by Turkey 

Agenda Item 3. Transport Satellite Accounts (TrSA)

3.1 Report on the TrSA Working Meeting and Discussion 

Agenda Item 4. Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration

4.1 Presentation on the ITF Annual Summit, 22-24 May 2019
4.2. ITF Project on Central-Asia Connectivity – Measuring the Connectivity Gap and Impact of Policies. Presentation by Jari Kauppila, ITF
4.3. BTS Geospatial Data on Passenger Travel Connectivity and on Intermodal Freight Connectors
4.4. Tour de table invited presentation
4.5. Discussion - data needs to understand the relationship between connectivity and regional integration 

Agenda Item 5. Data and Support of Decision Making

5.1  Earth Observation: A Complementary Tool to Existing Information to Support Strategic Decisions in Transportation. Presentation by Transport Canada 

Agenda Item 6. Lightning Talks on Visualisation Methods

6.1  Mobility in Germany 2017. Examples of Visualisation, Data Analytics and data Dissemination. Presentation by BMVI
6.2 Solving for Safety: Visualisation Challenges. Presentation by USA 

Agenda Item 7. Innovation in Transport Measurement

7.1  Innovation in Transport Measurement. Presentation by National Land Transportation Agency, Brazil
7.2 Canadian Trucking Statistics: A New Direction. Presentation by Transport Canada 

Agenda Item 8. Glossary for Transport Statistics

8.1  The 5th Edition of the Glossary for Transport Statistics: Status and on-going plans to produce the new edition of the Glossary.
8.2 Eurostat Activities: The Glossary for Transport Statistics 

Agenda Item 9. ITF Statistical Activities

9.1 and 2  ITF data collections: Status of Recent Data Collections (Quarterly, Annual, Investment) and Transport Performance Indicators Available in OECD.Stat
9.3a The 2019 Edition of ITF's Flagship Publication Transport Outlook
9.3b  International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD) Statistical Activities
9.4    Safer City Streets: Presentation of the Project and Outline of Main Needs for Exposure Data
9.5    Gender and Transport: ITF Initiatives and Implications for Data Collection and Statistics 

Agenda Item 10. ITF Statistical Activities of International Organisations

10.1   Eurostat Activities. 2019 Update.
10.2.  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Working Party on Transport Statistics (WP.6) in 2018 and 2019. Presentation by Alex Blackburn, UNECE WP6
10.3   European Commission, DG Move. Recent Developments in the EU Transport Policy. Presentation by Iuliana Lupu, DG Move
10.4  Statistics at the International Union of Railways. 2019 Update.  Presentation by Alice Favre, UIC

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