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Governing Transport in the Algorithmic Age

Corporate Partnership Board Report, 23 May 2019

  • Make transport policy algorithm-ready and transport policy makers algorithmically-literate.
  • Ensure that oversight and control of algorithms is proportional to impacts and risks.
  • Build in algorithmic auditability by default into potentially impactful algorithms.
  • Convert analogue regulations into machine-readable code for use by algorithmic systems.
  • Use algorithmic systems to regulate more dynamically and efficiently.
  • Compare the performance of algorithmic systems with that of human decision-making.
  • Algorithmic assessment should go beyond transparency and explainability.
  • Establish robust regulatory frameworks that ensure accountability for decisions taken by algorithms.
  • Establish clear guidelines and regulatory action to assess the impact of algorithmic decision-making.
  • Adapt how regulation is made to reflect the speed and uncertainty around algorithmic system deployment.
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