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Connecting Remote Communities Roundtable

Accessing a remote community
This Roundtable explored how to ensure adequate transport links for sparsely populated regions.

Roundtable participants sought to identify policies that ensure adequate access to indispensable services for residents in sparsely populated regions. The Roundtable aimed to provide insights into how different countries address the connectivity challenge for remote and rural communities. It outlined methods to assess the level of connectivity across transport modes and also through other means, such as internet-based services. Finally, approaches to measuring the value for money of different policy options were considered.


Chair's Summary

Gunnar Lindberg, Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics

Opening Remarks

Michael Keenan, Deputy Minister, Transport Canada

Closing Remarks

Young Tae Kim, Secretary-General, International Transport Forum

Transport connectivity for remote communities

Lucie Kirstein, International Transport Forum

Northern and Arctic Air Connectivity in Canada

Mike Tretheway and Jody Kositsky, InterVISTAS Consulting Inc.

Public transport in remote and isolated territories of Chile

Nicolás Céspedes, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, Chile

Transport Connectivity for Remote Communities in Scotland

James Laird, Peak Economics

Islands transport policy in Greece: The Island Transport Equivalent

Maria Lekakou, University of the Aegean