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Prospects for Energy and Maritime Transport in the Nordic Region – Expert Workshop

5 March 2020

Maritime experts from the government sector, industry, civil society and academia gathered in Malmö...

Road Safety Benchmarking and Regional Road Safety Observatories High-level Meeting

7 February 2020

This high-level meeting explores the importance of reliable road safety data to develop sound road...

Innovation, Emerging Mobility Trends, and the Role of the Private Sector in Road Safety

11 February 2020

This event, organised by ITF, the Volvo Car Group, and Volvo Group and the members of ITF’s...

iRAP Innovation Workshop 2020: Achieving the UN Road Safety Targets by 2030

20 January 2020

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Motorcyclists Safety Workshop

2 April 2020

This workshop, co-organised by VTI, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Motorcyclists...

The Governance of Metropolitan Transport Systems

9 April 2019

The meeting aims to inform decision-makers and academics of both possibilities and limitations of...

3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety: Achieving Global Goals 2030

13 February 2020

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim introduces the panel on "Enhancing International Collaboration...