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Decarbonising Europe’s Trucks: How to Minimise Cost Uncertainty

Trucks account for one-fifth of transport sector emissions in Europe. To decarbonise, heavy-duty road freight must switch to zero-emission vehicles quickly. This report examines whether battery electric vehicles, electric road systems and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could compete with diesel-driven vehicles. It looks at the total cost of ownership across nine different vehicle-size segments in Europe. The report gives six recommendations to accelerate the transition to zero-emission trucks, including the provision of necessary infrastructure.

This report is part of the ITF Decarbonising Transport: Driving Implementation Actions project.

Policy Insights

  • Ensure that policies to promote direct electrification of trucks remain technology-neutral.
  • Launch targeted studies and pilot projects to assess the merits of electric road systems for road freight decarbonisation.
  • Further investigate decarbonisation technologies for particularly challenging road freight applications.
  • Introduce policies that help zero-emission vehicles become cost-competitive sooner.
  • Accelerate the deployment of zero-emission vehicle infrastructure.
  • Strengthen regulations that make trucks more energy-efficient.

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