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ITF decarbonisation tool attracts diverse global audience

From Argentina to Indonesia, Iran to Uruguay, users from more than 60 countries across all five continents have consulted the ITF's Transport Climate Action Directory over 2 500 times since its worldwide launch in July 2020.

The success of the online tool lies in the range of options which allows users to explore concrete decarbonisation outcomes for their own specific context. More than 60 different carbon mitigation measures, as well as the evidence-base needed to assess their effectiveness, are currently online. 

The "top five" measures consulted by users to date are:

  1. Alternative fuel infrastructure
  2. Road charging and tolls
  3. Green public procurement
  4. Voluntary programmes to reduce emissions in logistics
  5. Incentives for low emission and alternative fuel vehicles

In terms of mode, road measures are the most consulted. These include information on congestion pricing, ride-sharing and access regulation. Mode shift and demand management has proven the most popular of the five policy outcome categories for users of the tool. This area includes policy measures to enhance walking and cycling infrastructure, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and parking regulation. Transport electrification information was also heavily consulted. This area explores inter alia emissions trading and carbon pricing.

The directory is a work in progress with additional measures being reviewed and added continuously. Its strength is in its users who seek concrete actions to achieve their climate ambitions. We encourage users to share their decarbonisation measures for review and inclusion in the tool.

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