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Private Investment in Transport Infrastructure: Dealing with Uncertainty in Contracts

Private Investment in Transport Infrastructure: Dealing with Uncertainty in Contracts cover image

This report examines how decision makers in the public and private sector can better manage the uncertainty inherent in contracts for privately-financed infrastructure and procurement more generally. It presents the findings of 33 experts from 13 countries, convened in a working group by the International Transport Forum. Detailed analyses of specific questions are available in 17 working group papers that complement this synthesis.

Private Investment in Infrastructure Working Group papers

  • What is Private Investment in Transport Infrastructure and Why is it Difficult? (forthcoming)
  • The Role of Private Investment in Transport Infrastructure (forthcoming)
  • Quantifying Private and Foreign Investment in Transport Infrastructure (forthcoming)
  • Risk Allocation in Public-Private Partnerships and the Regulatory Asset Base Model (forthcoming)
  • Uncertainty in Long-term Service Contracts: Franchising Rail Transport Operations (forthcoming)
  • Competition for Infrastructure Projects: Traditional Procurement and PPPs in Europe (forthcoming)
  • Collaborative Infrastructure Procurement in Sweden and the Netherlands (forthcoming)
  • Risk Allocation in Mega-Projects in Denmark
  • Risk Pricing in Infrastructure Delivery: Making Procurement Less Costly
  • The Danish State Guarantee Model for Infrastructure Investment
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Transport: Unbundling Prices from User Charges (forthcoming)
  • Dealing with the Obsolescence of Transport Infrastructure in Public-Private Partnerships (forthcoming)
  • A Corporatised Delivery Model for the Australian Road Network (forthcoming)
  • Infrastructure Funding: Does it Matter Where the Money Comes From? (forthcoming)
  • Capex Bias and Adverse Incentives in Incentive Regulation: Issues and Solutions (forthcoming)
  • The Thames Tideway Tunnel: A Hybrid Approach to Infrastructure Delivery
  • Mobilising Private Investment in Infrastructure: Investment De-Risking and Uncertainty (forthcoming)

Papers written in preparation for the Working Group:

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