Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Micromobility, Equity and Sustainability Roundtable

Presentation: New Zealand’s Regulatory System for Shared/Rental MicromobilityPresented by Rosalinda Pierce (Ministry of Transport, New Zealand), 17 March 2021
Presentation: Donkey Republic Sustainability FrameworkPresented by Erdem Ovacik (Donkey Republic Bike-share), 17 March 2021
Presentation: Scooters Are Here, But Where Do They Go?Presented by Anne Brown (University of Oregon, Eugene), 17 March 2021
Presentation: Micromobility Policies for Sustainable Transport: Bogota and Mexico City Case StudiesPresented by Karina Licea Viñas (Dezba, Mexico City), 17 March 2021
Presentation: Enabling Micromobility’s Full Potential through Good RegulationPresented by Sebastian Schlebusch (Dott), 17 March 2021