Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Zero Value of Time Roundtable

Automation and value of time for passenger transportationPresented by Mogens Fosgerau (University of Copenhagen)
Valuing mobility – the MotiV projectPresented by Giuseppe Lugano (University of Žilina)
Influence of ICT on mode choice and public transport user behaviorPresented by Sungwon Lee (The Korea Transport Institute)
Do changes in mobility practices affect value of travel time?David Meunier (Université de Paris-Est)
Worthwhile use of travel time and implications for modelling, appraisal and policy planning – the United Kingdom experiencePresented by Richard Batley (University of Leeds), Thijs Dekker (University of Leeds) and Iven Stead (UK Department for Transport)
Productive use of travel time, values of time and reliability in The NetherlandsPresented by Gerard de Jong (Significance) and Marco Kouwenhoven (Significance)
Does conducting activities while traveling reduce the value of time? Evidence from a within-subject designed choice experimentPresented by Eric Molin (Delft University of Technology)