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Shaping the Future of Argentina's Container Ports

New report analyses container port strategy for Buenos Aires

Argentina currently has an opportunity to redesign its containerised freight transport system. The three concessions for the terminals at the port of Buenos Aires (Puerto Nuevo) will expire in 2020, which raises a number of fundamental choices for the country.

A Roundtable organised by the International Transport Forum examined options for the future development of Puerto Nuovo specifically and ports located in cities more generally.

The summary of the Roundtable and a specific paper on “The Container Port of Buenos Aires in the Mega-Ship Era” are now available.

The experts find that Argentina should strategically assess the long-term location options for container ports. The expiration of the existing terminal concessions requires a policy response that could include expansion of container operations in Puerto Nuovo to meet growing demand in the short and possibly the medium term.

However, at some point in the longer term other options will also be needed. Feedering to hubs outside Argentina will certainly continue to be an important part of efficient options. In this respect, a thorough strategic discussion on the benefits and costs of the different location options for container ports in Argentina will be well warranted. The merits of developing new container ports should be assessed thoroughly.

With regard to addressing current bottlenecks, the report proposes to stimulate cooperation between stakeholders in the maritime logistics chain, as these issues can only be solved through collaboration.

Port gate policies, such as truck appointment systems that provide drivers with time-slots in which they can deliver and pick up a container, can also help. The effectiveness of such systems is increased if it is coupled to measures to increase the visibility of cargo flows, for example via port community systems for information exchange within the port and the more extended cargo community.

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