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Freight, Logistics

Improving Reliability on Surface Transport Networks

29 January 2018

Passengers and freight shippers alike want reliable transport services. Surprisingly, little...

Integration and Competition between Transport and Logistics Businesses

29 January 2018

Some very large multinational transport and logistics firms have emerged to provide integrated...

Port Competition and Hinterland Connections

29 January 2018

This Roundtable discusses the policy and regulatory challenges posed by the rapidly changing port...

Benchmarking Intermodal Freight Transport

10 May 2017

This report summarises the outcomes of the analysis of benchmarks studied and used in OECD Member...

Transport intermodal de marchandises. Une évaluation comparative

10 May 2017

La mission du Programme de coopération dans le domaine de la recherche en matière detransports...

L'acquis CEMT/Principal Acts of the ECMT 1953-2003

17 October 2019

 This publication describes the main Acts of the Council of Ministers since the creation of...