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Freight, Logistics

Container Trade Europe

17 September 2019

Olaf Merk, Administrator, Ports and Shipping at ITF will speak on EU Maritime Regulations: Are we...

High Capacity Transport

4 September 2019

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ITF Freight Model

3 June 2019

Future Maritime Trade Flows Roundtable

24 April 2019

Effective planning for transport infrastructure such as ports and their connections to roads,...

Container Shipping in Europe: Data for the Evaluation of the EU Consortia Block Exemption Regulation

28 March 2019

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Reviewing competition exemptions for liner shipping

6 June 2019

Liner shipping companies benefit from an exemption from EU competition law that makes it easier for...

Trends in Container Shipping

13 February 2019

Policies to Extend the Life of Road Assets

20 December 2018

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