Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Freight, Logistics

Container Port Automation: Impacts and Implications

20 October 2021

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DT Implement

23 June 2021

The DT Implement project supports countries in their transition to low carbon transport systems. It...

ITF in Southeast Asia

22 June 2021

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Road Freight in ASEAN: New Covid-19 Response and Recovery Guidelines

1 September 2021

ASEAN Member States will have new tools to help them address issues related to road freight...

Commercial Navigation Along the Northern Sea Route

13 November 2020

This report assesses the business case for commercial navigation through Arctic waters along the...

The Cost of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Shipping

29 October 2020

The shipping sector will need to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions significantly over the coming...

How Urban Delivery Vehicles can Boost Electric Mobility

22 April 2021

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Future Maritime Trade Flows

15 September 2020

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Regulations and Standards for Clean Trucks and Buses

12 February 2021

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