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Measuring Integration and Urban Sustainability with Indicators

16 August 2017

This paper proposes a framework to monitor progress towards improved integration in public...

Air Freight Volumes Indicate Slowing Growth in the Second Quarter 2015

10 May 2017

The latest update of global freight data collected by the International Transport Forum at the OECD...

French Version

10 May 2017

Performance Indicators for the Road Sector: Summary of the Field Tests

10 May 2017

Following the recommendations of the OECD 1997 report, Performance Indicators for the RoadSector, a...

Indicateurs de performance pour le secteur routier: Résumé des essais sur le terrain

10 May 2017

Suite aux recommandations du rapport de l’OCDE (1997) sur Les indicateurs de performancepour le...

Benchmarking Intermodal Freight Transport

10 May 2017

This report summarises the outcomes of the analysis of benchmarks studied and used in OECD Member...