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Managing Urban Traffic Congestion Czech Version

10 May 2017

Již od nejstaršího lidského osídlení jsou rozvoj měst a dopravy nerozlučně spjaty. Podobné síly,...

Reducing Transport GHG Emissions

10 May 2017

Climate change poses two fundamental challenges for the transport sector: transport will have...

Performance Indicators for the Road Sector: Summary of the Field Tests

10 May 2017

Following the recommendations of the OECD 1997 report, Performance Indicators for the RoadSector, a...

Economic Aspects Of Taxi Accessibility

10 May 2017

Taxis are an essential part of the transport system, providing door-to-door services round the...

2010 Summit Highlights: Transport and Innovation - Unleashing the Potential

10 May 2017

The International Transport Forum 2010, entitled "Transport and Innovation: Unleashing the...


10 May 2017