Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Transport Innovations from the Global South

Case Studies, Insights, Recommendations

This report seeks to open new perspectives for discussing and implementing transport innovation across the globe. It highlights solutions emanating from the Global South and encourages policy makers to look at them as sources of inspiration for innovation. It discusses benefits and challenges of implementing these solutions in the Global North and suggests opportunities for South-to-South exchange. This is the second installment of a two-part report and further investigates the ideas outlined in the first report Expanding Innovation Horizons: Learning from Transport Solutions in the Global South.

Read the preliminary report Expanding Innovation Horizons: Learning from Transport Solutions in the Global South.

Policy Insights

  • Update transport policy and regulation to accommodate innovation that can contribute to economic growth and make transport more sustainable.
  • Cooperate with research and industry, coordinate with all government levels.
  • Leave room for bottom up innovation through a light regulatory touch.
  • Be ready to facilitate discussion between innovative actors and traditional operators.
  • Foster innovation in the delivery of concessioned transport services.
  • Support change and build on existing cultural practices in order to improve quality of life for all.
  • Create innovation sandboxes/living labs.
  • Look beyond transport towards non-traditional policy matters.

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