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Young Researcher of the Year Award 2023

Greek researcher wins 2023 Young Researcher of the Year Award for exposing the risk of higher emissions if shipping operators switch to hubs outside EU Emissions Trading System zone

Ms Sotiria Lagouvardou, a Maritime Transport Specialist at the World Bank, receives the prestigious award from the International Transport Forum’s (ITF) Secretary-General Young Tae Kim during the ITF's 2023 Summit on “Transport Enabling Sustainable Economies” in Leipzig, Germany on 25 May 2023.

Her research reveals that shipping hubs outside the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) become attractive at relatively low carbon prices. The study highlights that, without appropriately designed policies, hub switches could result in increased carbon emissions (or “carbon leakage”) and lost revenue for the EU ETS. In addition, such switches could threaten the economic activity and development of transhipment hubs close to hubs outside the scheme.

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About the Award

The International Transport Forum at the OECD organises an Annual Summit for Transport Ministers from around the world to meet with researchers, industry leaders and representatives of civil society and examine strategic policy issues facing the sector.

The principal aim of the International Transport Forum’s Young Researcher of the Year Award is to highlight the importance of transport research for sound transport policy formulation and implementation and to foster closer links between transport policy and research. 

The Young Researcher of the Year Award is open to researchers under 35 years of age who have undertaken the research presented in the submitted paper in an institution, university or consultancy firm located in an International Transport Forum member country. The researcher must be the main author of the paper.

The work can be quantitative or qualitative and come from any of the academic fields linked to transport and should be relevant to policy making. The winning paper will propose advances from the current state of knowledge in the domain and be methodologically rigorous.

Papers should not exceed 25 pages (single spacing), excluding references and annexes, and should be in English.

The Prize

Submissions will be examined by an international panel of experts from the transport policy and research sectors, under the aegis of the International Transport Forum.

A prize of EUR 5 000 is awarded to the Young Researcher Award winner. 

Previous Award Winners

2022: Malvika Dixit,  Delft University of Technology (Media Release)

2021: Daniel Jan Reck, ETH Zurich (Media Release)

2020: Anne de Bortoli, University of Patras (Media Release)

2019: Rafael Pereira, Oxford University (Media Release)

2018: George Ursachi, Agilysis (Media Release)

2017: Florent Laroche, Lyon University (Media Release)

2016: Monir Moniruzzaman, University of Toronto (Media Release)

2015: Nihan Akyelken, Oxford University (Media Release)

2014: Shanjiang Zhu, George Mason University

2013: Laura Schewel, UC Berkeley

2012: Wing Yee Winnie Lam, University of Hong Kong

2011: Jonn Axsen, UC Davis

2010: Hossam Abdelgawad, University of Toronto

2009: Jérôme Verny, Rouen School of Management 

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