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85th Annual Session of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee

Secretary-General Young Tae Kim brings ITF work with its 64 member countries to the Inland Transport Committee (ITC) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

In the course of the last 76 years, together with its 34 Working Parties and Administrative Committees, and the ECOSOC Committee of Experts, ITC has been a custodian of 59 United Nations conventions on inland transport and many more technical regulations, some of regional but most of global scope, covering road, rail, inland waterway, and intermodal transport, as well as the transport of dangerous goods and the construction and inspection of motor vehicles. These conventions are a common asset and a public good of the United Nations for harmonization and safety, which underlies the fact that 151 out of 193 United Nations Member States are contracting parties to these legal instruments.

The 85th session starts with a High-level policy segment on “Actions of the inland transport sector to join the global fight against climate change”. This theme provides an opportunity to reflect on the unique assets of the Committee, highlighting its value-added and underlining its future potential in curbing greenhouse gas emissions trends from inland transport in a disaster-hit global economy due to the impacts of climate change regionally and globally.

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