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Decarbonising Transport in Europe

The "Decarbonising Transport in Europe" (DTEU) project aims to help the European Union to achieve its CO2 reduction ambitions for the transport sector. The project will provide European policy makers with better quantitative evidence on the actual impact of CO2 mitigation measures. The ITF will develop a suite of advanced models of transport activity in Europe as part of the project. This will allow decision makers to select the most effective policy measures and identify realistic pathways to towards decarbonising transport to 2050.

The DTEU project also encompasses systematic and inclusive policy dialogue. European transport stakeholders will discuss the modelling results regarding the effectiveness of mitigation measures. This dialogue aims to encourage the implementation of collectively-developed mitigation pathways and will bring together European governments, companies, sectoral organisations, multilateral development banks and research institutions.

First model development workshop on urban transport held in February 2019

DTEU First Expert Workshop

As part of the model development phase of the DTEU project, the ITF held the first of two expert workshops in Paris, France, on 31 January and 1 February 2019 (photo). Approximately thirty participants joined from academia, research institutes, and government bodies. Substantive discussions centred on mitigation measures for decarbonising passenger and freight transport in urban areas, as well as how best to incorporate these measures into the ITF’s urban modelling framework. Insights pertained to the composition of optimal policy portfolios, the need to consider current energy production mixes in evaluating mitigation measures, and the scope for interaction effects between measures. Participants also identified relevant literature and data sources, and shared ideas on how to enhance the ITF’s urban passenger and freight models. 

Go to the workshop agenda (PDF)

Second model development workshop on international transport held on 8-9 April 2019

DTEU Second Expert Workshop

On 8-9 April 2019, the ITF held a second expert workshop to support the modelling activities being carried out for the DTEU project. The ITF welcomed around 20 participants from academia, research institutes, industry, non-governmental organisations, government bodies and the European Commission for this workshop. Participants offered insights regarding the most relevant mitigation measures for EU policymakers in decarbonising international passenger and freight transport, and how these measures could be incorporated into the ITF’s respective models. They also provided input regarding important technological, logistical, and trade-related trends that the ITF should consider in modelling international passenger and freight transport to 2050, and pointed the ITF to literature and data sources that will be useful in improving the resolution and relevance of the ITF’s models with respect to decarbonising international transport flows in the European context.

Go to the workshop agenda (PDF)


The DTEU project is part of ITF's Decarbonising Transport initiative.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 831743.