Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Accounting for Equity in Transport Planning

This paper discusses options for broadening transport appraisal to capture regional and social equity considerations. It explores the use of equity as a criterion in multi-criteria analysis, means of incorporating equity considerations within cost-benefit analysis, and the consequent implications for efficiency and equity trade-offs. The paper also presents case studies of recent advances in equity appraisal in Israel. The case studies suggest that simply incorporating equity in specific transport project appraisals will have limited impacts on observed inequities. Rather, the most important stages in the transport planning process are problem definition and project identification. The paper recommends that governments move toward a transport planning practice that sees equity as a core goal of the planning process, as is the case in other major policy domains, such as health care and education. Such a shift is needed to ensure that projects that can address these concerns shortlisted for appraisal in the first instance.

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