Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Advancing Gender Equality in Transport Climate Action – with ESCAP and FIA Foundation

11:00 (GMT +4)

NDC Partnership Pavilion

The acceleration of gender equality and mainstreaming is critical to the successful transition to zero carbon transport. The transport sector is male dominated in its workforce across all regions and it is currently not on track to meet its net zero carbon target. Globally less than 17% of the transport workforce is women. The World Bank’s Sustainable Mobility for All paper “Gender imbalance in the transport sector: A toolkit for change” and the ESCAP policy paper on “Advancing Gender Equality in Asia and the Pacific in the Context of Climate Change” seek to better understand why this is the case and to propose what can be done to address it. This side event will focus on mainstreaming gender principles in decarbonizing transport policies as identified in the ITF and FIA Foundation’s publication “Gender Equality and the Role of Women in Decarbonising Transport” and in ILO gender equality Conventions to support a gender balanced transport workforce. Key discussion outputs from this side event will include policy insights that will strengthen the awareness of the linkages between gender equality and zero carbon transport, as well as follow-up action for countries to reflect relevant measures in their Nationally Determined Contributions."

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