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Ask the Author: “Decarbonising India’s Transport System: Charting the Way Forward”

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In this 30-minute online presentation and question and answer session, author Pierpaolo Cazzola presents the new ITF report “Decarbonising India’s Transport System: Charting the Way Forward”. This report presents an analysis of current transport activity in India and reviews key policy instruments set up by Indian institutions to shape transport developments in the coming years. It also investigates future scenarios of transport in India and outlines key aspects that should be considered in the upcoming work on transport decarbonisation. The final section builds on these insights, charting a way forward for a climate change mitigation strategy for the Indian transport sector. In particular, it underlines the importance of taking an approach that is not limited to direct GHG emission reductions but takes into account a lifecycle perspective. Pierpaolo Cazzola is an Advisor, Energy, Technology and Environmental Sustainability expert at the International Transport Forum.

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