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Central-Asian connectivity project: first findings presented

As part of a joint ITF/OECD project on “Enhancing Connectivity in Central Asia”, first findings of analysis carried out by the ITF modelling team were presented during a workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 25-26 July. The event featured a capacity building workshop for regional authorities and will be attended by policymakers from the regions' ministries in charge of transport, road development and foreign trade.

The "Enhancing Connectivity in Central Asia" project is a multi-year project with the countries of the region. Its objective is to advise Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan on their most pressing connectivity issues and build the capacities they need to address them. The project's first phase, begun in January 2018, will last 12 months and will focus on transport infrastructure and freight transport policies involving undertaking an assessment of the transport infrastructure and freight transport policies of Central Asian countries against their needs and ambitions, looking both at specific policies and at the coherence and completeness of the overall transport policy frameworks, identifying gaps and considering how those gaps might be filled.

Kazakhstan has been an ITF member country since 2017.

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